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ARRM Leadership Institute: Workshop 3

Date and Location

Wednesday, August 21
9am - 4pm

Running Aces
15215 Running Aces Blvd
Columbus, MN 55025

Speaker and Session

Changing How We Work: Occupational Identity Management Skills for Teams and Leaders; Johnanna Ganz
In this interactive and reflective session, we will explore the concept and skills behind occupational identity (OI) management. Our session will focus on how leaders in mission-driven environments can better support themselves and their teams for sustainability and stability!
Not sure what occupational identity management is? Do you check your email on your days off, just in case? Do you struggle with setting boundaries or limiting how much time you spend thinking about work? Do you find yourself pushing self-care for team members but neglecting your own self-care? If so, then you understand the basics and importance of OI management!
Occupational identity management skills build career satisfaction, reduce experiences of turnover or burnout, and improve team cohesion. Come prepared to dig deep into your skills, learn your strengths and growth areas.



Member Investment: $160.00
Non-Member Investment: $225
Lunch is included
Late registrations (after 8/7) will be charged a $25 late fee.

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(Cancellation Policy)

8/21/2024 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Central Daylight Time
Running Aces 15215 Running Aces Blvd Columbus 55025

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