Clare Housing


Job Title:
Medical Resident Assistant/ Care Giver

The purpose of this position is to provide direct, person-centered care for adults living with HIV/AIDS and other disabilities in supportive apartments or care homes. This can include day hours, overnight awake hours, overnight asleep hours, and on-call shifts. This position also provides operational support at the facility, providing lobby desk coverage or coordinating services for residents. This position requires physical activity, as one person provides direct care/supervision to individuals in a home or apartment setting.

Duties and Responsibilities for all Resident Assistants and Care Givers: • Provide person-centered care and services to residents. • Respond to medical emergencies. • Provide emotional support to residents and their families with respect and compassion, using Positive Support Strategies as needed. • Coordinate resident care with other agencies, including clinics, pharmacies, social workers, home care agencies, etc. • Communicate professionally and in a timely manner all pertinent information regarding resident’s physical and emotional condition both externally and internally while maintaining the HIPAA privacy rule. • Document appropriately in residents log and medication chart on each assigned task. • Respond to appropriate requests from resident families and friends. • Complete all necessary documentation required. • Keep up to date on medical and psycho-social information of HIV/AIDS disease – including knowledge of ever-changing populations and rapidly evolving treatment options. • Attend regular quarterly and annual trainings of Clare Housing. • Understand and utilize Positive Supports Strategies when working with clients. • Practice appropriate infection control and universal precaution techniques. • Understand and practice procedures to ensure client confidentiality. • Understand and uphold the Vulnerable Adults Act and HIPPA regulations. • Make telephone calls to clinics, social workers or emergency personnel if necessary. • Ability to be part of the on-call rotation when requested. Additional Duties and Responsibilities for Medical Resident Assistants and Care Givers: • Correctly and safely dispense oral medications, and administer subcutaneous medications, topical, sublingual, ear and eye medications. • Correctly and safely operate all medical devices and equipment - motorized wheelchairs, mechanical bed lifts, oxygen canisters, and nebulizer machines. • Perform ADLs (activities of daily living) including bathing, grooming, toileting transferring, turning bed bound residents and other personal cares for residents. • Perform blood glucose monitoring. • Care homes provide wound care per MD orders. • Provide palliative care related services under order of Client’s MD and in conjunction with hospice services. • Assist residents with laundry, cooking, lifting/transferring residents and other physical tasks according to their individual goals and outcomes. • Maintain a clean, safe, home-like environment by completing household cleaning and organizational tasks.

• High school diploma or GED. Medication Administration and CPR First aid training provided


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