Living Well Disability Services

Mendota Heights

Job Title:
Regional Director

Primary Functions Lead the design and delivery of values-driven, innovative, and high-quality services for people with disabilities. Support Program Managers in licensing, compliance, and employee management and development. As a member of the Senior Leadership Team, provide collaborative operational leadership and strategic input for the organization as a whole. Operational budget development and management to ensure quality services. Engage in the community and philanthropic efforts as an ambassador for Living Well Disability Services. Essential Job Functions Service Design and Delivery Performance Management and Talent Development Strategic and Operational Development Community Engagement and Philanthropy Financial Management Employee Management and Development Foster Equity within Living Well Disability Services Qualifications 1. Four-year post-secondary degree; QIDP credential must be earned within the first year. 2. Prior experience and demonstrated competency in service delivery and management of outcomes with an exceptional focus on the “customer" in a nonprofit environment. Experience working with people with disabilities is preferred. 3. Work collaboratively to support both the region and the overall organization 4. Ability to develop and implement strategic initiatives. 5. Ability to integrate mission focus with business acumen. 6. Track record of displaying strong ethics and values in leadership style and decision-making. 7. Proficiency in motivating, coaching, leading and managing people and groups of people. 8. Project management and supervision skills with experience in group facilitation. 8. Conflict resolution skills-sees conflicts as opportunities and can settle disputes equitably. 9. Ability to work with diverse populations of people who both provide and receive services. 10. Prior experience and demonstrated competency in the design and management of quality assurance systems. 11. Ability to manage through systems while balancing multiple tasks and timelines. 12. Proficiency in written and verbal communication. 13. Competency in performance and outcome measurements, systems design, and analytical analysis. 14. Proficiency in computer technology and its application to improving service delivery and business performance. 15. Valid driver’s license and approved to drive for Living Well Disability Services. Areas of Responsibility/Accountability Planning: Provide direction that engages employees in the successful executions of strategic and operational goals for the organization. Organization: Ability to organize projects of varying sizes and level of complexity. Communication: Strong interpersonal skills. Ability to communicate effectively to internal and external audiences, one on one and in group settings. Teamwork: Promote collaboration and teamwork providing leadership to employees within a self-directed team concept. If this describes you, apply now! Want more information? Look at the “Careers” tab on our website at Benefits Information: Full-time employees are eligible for the following benefits: Generous Paid time off (PTO) Medical Dental Vision Short Term / Long-term Disability Life Insurance We are an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer


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