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Job Title:
Assistant Program Manager (wage increase $16/hr)

The Assistant Program Manager (APM) position is an entry-level leadership position. Excellent starting point for people interested in learning how to manage programs for individuals who have ID/DD. Vicksburg Village Apartments Assistant Program Manager Opening Vicksburg Village is an apartment program in Plymouth that currently serves 12 individuals. The individuals at Vicksburg have a wide range of abilities, likes, and ages, and are a joy to be around. They enjoy utilizing the apartment amenities such as walking trails, the fitness center, or the pool. They also enjoy going out to movies, playing a variety of sports, spending time with friends and family, and hanging out together in the community apartment playing games or watching movies. Each of our individuals needs some assistance with developing the skills to live more independently (i.e. cooking, maintaining their apartments, doing laundry, social skills, and work skills). Schedule: Sunday-Thursday 2p-10p each day=40 hrs/wk; every 1st Tuesday of the month from 6pm-9pm is the staff meeting. FINANCE APM DUTIES: *Collect Bank Statements/Pay Stubs by the end of the month and make sure they are all turned into finance *Pay Room and Board *Check all Custodian statements/Room and Board statements *Balance Custodian accounts *Pay bills *Log and turn in all activity payments *Order cash on hand *Make sure cash on hand balances are accurate *Monitor asset limits *Double checking data sheets to make sure that people are documenting and documenting correctly *Communicate to PM and discrepancies *Make sure data sheets are out before the end of the month *Any other duties assigned by the PM Cedarwood Assistant Program Manager Opening Cedarwood is home to four men ranging in age from their 40s - 60s. The men enjoy sports, movies, going to the lake and to church, playing a game of Uno, visiting the Humane Society and utilizing their art skills. All four men at Cedarwood are non-ambulatory, and require the use of wheelchairs to mobilize. All four men need some level of assistance with ADLs; this varies from total care to assistance with dressing, and transferring. We use a Sit-to-Stand lift for three of the individuals and a Hoyer lift for one individual who can NOT bear weight. One individuals is non-verbal and uses a communication board to communicate. One person has a seizure disorder and may require the use of a PRN per his seizure protocol. One individual also has a special diet which consists of pureed foods/thickened liquids. During peak hours there are two staff on with one awake and one asleep staff Sunday -Thursday and one awake staff Friday/Saturday. The schedule for this position is: Monday 3p-9p Tuesday 10a-6p Wednesday 10a-6p Thursday 10a-6p Friday OFF except staff meetings held the last Friday of the month from noon-2p Saturday OFF Sunday 9a-4p Total 37 hours Duties: ordering medications, scheduling appointments, balancing the individuals cash-on-hand books, shopping for groceries and household supplies, and other duties as assigned. Nelson Place Assistant Program Manager Opening Nelson Place has four active men ranging in age from 22-36. They are all involved in many sporting activities and they all enjoy bowling. They do help with household chores with some staff assistance. Two of the men help with meal preparation, and they all enjoy going out to eat. One of the men is allergic to peanuts, and two residents are lactose sensitive. They are all mostly independent in their personal cares, needing assistance sometimes with shaving. One of the men needs assistance with bathing and brushing his teeth as well. During peak hours, there are generally two staff on duty, with one overnight asleep. Schedule: Monday through Friday 2p-9p each day. Total of 35 hours/week. Duties: purchasing house supplies & grocery shopping, activity planning/scheduling and family communication. Royal Oaks Apartment Program--Assistant Program Manager Opening There are about a dozen very independent and active individuals at Royal Oaks; three men and nine women. They all like to go out in the community and enjoy shopping, dances and going out to eat. All individuals need support in daily living skills (ie: cooking, cleaning, budgeting) but do assist with household chores and meal preparation. Staff who are able to multi-task and problem solve are successful at Royal Oaks. During peak hours there are three staff with one overnight staff asleep. APM duties: financial. Schedule: Monday 5p-9p, Tuesday 1p-9p, Thursday 5p-9p, Sunday ON 1p-11a=30 hours/wk (6 sleep hours) WAGES: Assistant Program Managers (APMs) are paid a higher wage than our Direct Support Professional position. Overtime is time and a half for any hours worked over 40 per week. Benefits include medical insurance, dental insurance, 401k, life insurance, short term disability, and paid time off. Any paid time off is paid out at the higher APM wage.

APMs assist the Program Manager with administrative duties and are seen as a leader in their program.

Experience providing direct care preferred. Applicants with experience doing some administrative tasks preferred.


How to Apply:
Go to www.hammer.org/careers/ to submit your application.