EON, Inc

Mankato, MN

Job Title:
Community Supports Program Director

The Community Supports Program Direct (CSPD) is a full time, benefits eligible position. Usual hours are 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday. All individuals in this position are required to work weekends and holidays if needed. Must be available on weekends, evenings and holidays for situations requiring intervention/direction, input, and monitoring. Schedule is flexible and based on meeting the needs of the organization.

The CSPD is responsible for the direction of assigned program/services, staff and physical plant. Develop Community Supports Supervisors in their roles. Manage everyday functions of assigned program/services and ensure continuous compliance to all federal and state regulations. Support and work with peers as a member of the management team in support of the organization as a whole.

Must meet the qualification of a Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional which includes the following: Bachelor of Science degree in a field related to human services, one (1) year of full-time experience in working direct care with individuals with disabilities or mental health issues, and one (1) year of supervisory level experience in a program/service providing direct support services to persons with disabilities or persons age 65 and older. To see full list of additional qualifications please visit our website below.


How to Apply:
Apply online at: https://theeon.com/careers