Range Center, Inc


Job Title:
Director of Residential Services - ICF

Accountability Objective: The Director of Residential Service is responsible for effective oversight and day to day management of all Range Center, Inc. Residential Services in the community. The Director provides leadership and direction in planning, managing, and coordinating Range Center, Inc. Residential Programs. Leadership is provided in a manner which ensures the highest quality person centered planning and programming in Residential Homes in order to achieve the fullest possible personal development of each person receiving services through Range Center, Inc..

Demonstrated expertise and implementation of federal, state and county licensing requirements as related to the operation of services to individuals with developmental disabilities; including DHS 245D, MDH ICF Standards. ? Substantial experience and demonstrated proficiency in training, supervision, delegation and evaluative skills of Managers/Designated Managers, Supervisors/Designated Coordinators, and direct-support employees. ? Demonstrate communication proficiency with written and oral communications; involving competent use of technology including but not limited to e-mail, internet, social media outlets, and tele/video conferencing. ? Demonstrated ability with a strong desire to effectively engage in public speaking. Must have the ability to dynamically communicate thoughts and ideas to motivate others to take action. Embrace and model Range Center, Inc.’s Mission and Philosophies. ? Competently abide by and model all Range Center, Inc. Policies and Procedures. ? Ensure that all persons served are receiving services according to their rights and are free from abuse, neglect and financial exploitation. ? Report suspected maltreatment of vulnerable adults to the Statewide Common Entry Point (CEP) as specifically outlined in Range Center, Inc. Policy. ? Represent Range Center, Inc. Residential Services in matters involving Licensing and Regulatory Compliance Agencies, County Case Managers, Day Services Providers, guardians, families, transition programs, and the community. o Acting as the Department Director, ICF Administrator, ICF QDDP/QIDP, Designated Manager (DM), and substitute designee for direct reports when needed. ? Ensure timely and accurate completion of licensing applications, licensing reviews/surveys, plan of corrections, investigations, and other documentation required and/or requested by the Department of Human Services (DHS), MN Department of Health (MDH), Office of Health Facility Complaints (OHFC), Statewide Common Entry Point (CEP), Ombudsman Office, Counties, or other agencies. ? Expedite, process, and monitor progress on all Residential Services referrals, admissions, and discharges. ? Attend/facilitate/monitor/evaluate regularly scheduled and special Inter-Disciplinary Team (IDT) Meetings (Staffings) as the Designated Manager (DM). ? As the Designated Manager (DM) and QDDP/QIDP, maintain all records and reports necessary to demonstrate that each individuals program is accurately and effectively integrated, coordinated, and monitored. Records include, but are not limited to: admission, discharge, individual program plans, assessments, goal/objective development, periodic progress reviews, individual risk management plan, retirement programs, and programmed activities. ? Direct supervisory and evaluative responsibility of Residential Program Supervisors and Health Services Manager; direct oversight responsibility of all Residential Services Department Employees. ? Schedule and facilitate quarterly Residential Services Department Management Meetings (increasing frequency as needed). ? Assist Residential Program Supervisors and Health Services Manager to ensure effective direct supervision and evaluation of all Residential Services Employees. ? Attend, observe, and assist Residential Program Supervisors and Health Services Manager in conducting and facilitating Residential Program/Services Staff Meetings.

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in a Health & Human Services related field (i.e. Psychology, Sociology), or any other degree accepted for QDDP/QIDP qualification as outlined in Federal Regulations to meet Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) standards pertaining to Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF). ? Must meet the criteria for Designated Manager (DM) qualification as outlined in Department of Human Services (DHS) 245D standards. ? Minimum of five years of experience working with people with developmental disabilities, including a minimum of two years of successful supervisory experience (an equivalent combination of education and experience will be considered).


How to Apply:
online at www.rangecenter.com or by email at [email protected]