Technology innovations have had profound effects on the world.

These same technologies are being used to promote independence and self-sufficiency in the lives of people with disabilities.

The Technology Resource Center has been created to narrow the existing information gap by telling the stories of individuals, providers, and case managers who have worked together to successfully use technology to increase independence and maximize staff capabilities.

From utilizing phone applications to get off at the right bus stop to increasing independence by utilizing remote support—technology is changing the lives of people with disabilities.

Achieve Success

Technology can be key in preparing for tomorrow. Full community integration and employment can be achieved by successfully incorporating technology using the educational and planning resources compiled in the Technology Resource Center Library.
As a whole, technology can be viewed as an additional tool to help solve support needs by increasing independence, extending caregiver reach, and improving the safety and security of persons served. Take advantage of available technology, service models, and funding options by starting the conversation today.


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The implementation process is a collaboration between providers, family and self-advocates, and case managers to explore how using technology can increase the independence and safety of persons served.


Updated regularly, the Technology Resource Center houses stories of technology success stories, practical guidance on adding technology to support plans, educational articles, and upcoming training event materials and schedules. 

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